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15 Tips for a Successful Blog

It’s easy! To create a popular blog today all one has to do is:

1. Decide on a topic for your blog using Google’s Keyword Tool to find out what searches are popular.

2. Using keywords for your chosen topic, get a cheap domain name and hang your sign board.

3. Borrow a professional template.

4. Hire a geek to make you a pretty banner and customize your theme/template if necessary.

5. Spend some amount for hosting services.

6. Go the library and/or search Google to find great content for your blog.

7. Apply CMP (copy, massage, paste) to make it your own (kind).

8. Pretend you are an expert in your chosen niche applying the “fake it till you make it” principle.

9. Get a referral or two from your pro-splogger pals.

10. Learn a little SEO to game the search engines.

11. Apply the art of link baiting for making apt titles.

12. Promise the moon and the stars to your readers.

13. Preach good things will come to those who believe with all the fervor of an evangelist.

14. Wallpaper your blog with ads.

15. Convert your CMP content into a book and you’re a success!

Will this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!