10 best Twitter Tips for Power Users

If you want to be a power user on twitter, make every tweet a magic, you need to go an extra mile. There’s a lot of things to explore on Twitter. If you wanna be a power user to make the most of Twitter, there are several cool tips and tricks to take your experience beyond the typical Twitter usage. Listed out are 10 best Twitter tips for power users.

1. Socialoomph

Even if you have a few hundred or a few thousands, you can manage them with Socialoomph. It offers a host of features that automates your job on Twitter. Some of the exclusive features of SocialOomph includes scheduling tweets, tracking keywords on Twitter, saving and reusing drafts, Bit.ly URL shortening, personal status feed and more. Automatically follow those who follow you and unfollow those who unfollow you.

2. Multiplying followers in Twitter

You need to propagate your Twitter posts on various social networks to get followers. There’s an aggregation service called HelloTXtt that allows you to post once through their interface and propagate the message to all other major microblogging networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Jaiku, Pownce, and a few smaller ones.

3. Blogging/ Twitter Mashup

Most of you must be having a blog. Do you know there are much more people reading blogs that those using Twitter. Why not use your blog for Twittering? There’s service called LoudTwitter that allows you take all your tweets for a day, bundle them up into a blog post and publish it on your blog. We all know Twitter is a real time application, but it’s spread across the world.

4. Tag your followers into groups

Are you using the same Twitter account for your personal or business life. Well, In the current form Twitter has no filters to draw a line between your close friends and potential clients following the same account. You can sort out people that follow you into groups using a simple third party service known as Twitter Groups. It allows you to tag your followers into different groups. With Twitter Groups you will be able to send the message to each person one at a time

5. Build up followers with like-interest

On Twitter you must be looking for people with the same interest as you. There’s a Twollow.com service that allows you automatically start following people based on keywords you are interested in. Simply it’s a great way to build up followers.

6. Tweet your status

If you are a Twitter user with lots of friends on Facebook, you can turn your tweets into your Facebook status updates. Twitter has a Facebook application that integrates Twitter feed into your Facebook feed. Once this application is installed your tweets would appear in the news feed of all your friends. This would allow you exposure without direct followers. What’s more, Twitter is smart enough to filter out @replies so that personal messages donation end up on your profile.

7. Handy Firefox Plugins

This is a handy Firefox plugin for any power users on Twitter. With TwitterBar you can post tweets about web pages you are currently browsing. Not just the web address, you can also type an additional text along with the tweet as a note. It gets added as a tiny icon into your Firefox address bar. When clicked it will send an update containing everything in the address bar.

8. Timeline for each city

This is a simple but handy idea for Twitter power users. Store the public timeline xml feed. This will allow you to input a specific city to see what’s been said lately by people that live in your city.

9. Fetching latest updates

For any power user Twitter updates are crucial. You can use a simple web application for Twitter updates called GeoTwitter. It is a mashup of Google Maps API and Twitter API. It fetches the latest updates from the public timeline every minute and displays them on an interactive map.

10. Making tweets keyword-rich

One of the simple tricks that every power user should adopt is optimizing your tweets. Start your tweet with a primary keyword to theme each message. Look for buzz word that would enable you to make the most of timely searches for that issue. However, it doesn’t mean you make your message keyword rich without adding value to your tweets. Choose the words that will best convey your message.


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