Top 9 Tips for a Business to Grow by Using Twitter

Twitter is so striking and hot now a days in internet community that I am not sure whether i will call a micro blogging site or social networking site. But it doesn’t matter what you call it. The important part is that you can take your business to Twitter to connect with your customers, clients, and fans in a way that you couldn’t do before. Twitter -for business is really different than plain Tweeting. I try to compile some useful tips that all kind of business can benefit by using Twitter.

* For business, you have to Tweet the stuff that matters to your audience—that makes a difference in their lives, work, minds, or, ultimately, wallets. When I represent my company on Twitter, I communicate with different mindset. The focus is on sharing information that matters or relevant to the person on the other side of the Tweet.
* You have to practice first how you can effectively use Twitter to sell or communicate your business. You can invite friends, have some new followers and get to know the basics with them. You have to know your goal before you connect with customers. Learn the tools thoroughly, see how the conversation grows, and be knowledgeable about Twitter before you start Tweeting for business.
* Before you go into jazzy business messages through Tweeter, it would be advisable to create relationships first. Twitter is a huge community. No one bothers about your tweet if they do not know who you are. You need to interact with them first.
* You can follow all of your staff from Twitter account. Follow colleagues in related companies and in your industry. Follow relevant brands and journalists a in your market, even those who compete with you. It’s nice to follow people. You are creating an interaction of a community by following people. People will notice who you are following and consider those as suggestions.
* Twitter is a great way to get answers to questions. Trying to figure out what your customers want to see or they are interested about? Use Twitter to ask them. It can give you an immediate snapshot of the scenario. This can be both instructive and productive.
* Take all complaints as private direct messages after the initial acknowledgment. Follow the person immediately and request details in a Direct Massage. Take the case away from twitter and try to solve it through personal channel.
* It is a good idea to keep your clients informed about your business activities through Twitter. With Twitter a simple tweet about your business will inform not just your clients, but other Twitter users that you may not know. Remember that new business may come from anywhere in this wired world.
Sometimes you may need to write PR before any release. Writing PR is time consuming. You can mention your PR site link by Twitter. Or you may write short Tweet which is as good as writing PR.
* It is a good idea to take feedback from clients on frequent basis through Twitter. You will be able to maximize your business and products through feedback. Client feedback is easily collected via on-line polls, on-line chat software, or direct questions to your Twitter audience.
* You can use tools like Tweetfox with your Firefox browser. It sync your Twitter account seamlessly with Firefox and easily post excerpts from websites to your Twitter account


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