A great Flash Encryption tool – Flashincrypt

If you’ve spent many hours creating some cool or innovative Flash project. Like it or not, all the images, sound, and ActionScript code you created can easily be “ripped” or copied out of your Flash movie.

If you have worked really hard, it hurts to see someone steal your work. Programs such as Action Script Viewer (ASV), SWF Scanner and SWF Decompiler MX 2005 are utilities that can save you day when you loose the FLA for a file, but they can also be used for looking into other peoples programming.

Many developers want to find some good ways to protect their work. Unfortunately there are no methods built into Flash to prevent such programs from showing your source to the world, and there is not any third party tools can really protect your work before Flashincrypt releases.

Preventing someone from accessing your file is ultimately the best way to stop them reading your code, but it’s often not practical when you wish to show your work to the world.

Flashincrypt is a professional program that can help you to protect your flash work quickly and easily. It can prevent flash decompiler tools from extracting actionscript and resources. It can add protection to the .swf file. It does not add the normal protection like Flash 5 or Flash MX. It use DMM(dynamic memory modify) technology and Actionscript obfuscation technology in this product. So it can be effective on the most popular tools on the market to decompile Flash.

For most user who use flash decompiler tools, they do not like to steal picture resources, sound resources and shape resources, because it is so obvious to be caught. They like to steal “actionscript”. Because there are hidden passwords. Because there are scripts that block the normal playing of this movie. Because there are functions they can modify and use with less risk of being caught. Obfuscation is the process of hiding something, in this case your Actionscript code. Flashincrypt hides your coding logic and re-usability by scrambling your function, argument and variable names so that it isn’t human readable but still readable by the Flash Player. Flashincrypt can make some decompiler tools crash. Some decompiler tool can open the protected file, maybe they can extract some sound resources or shape resources, but they can not read action script correctly. In fact, for most other decompiler, when the script fails to match patterns, the decompiler crashes.


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