10 reasons why Twitter is so Popular

Here we go … Twitter is popular because

1. It’s very easy to use.

2. It’s a lot easier to get Twitter followers than it is to get Blog newsfeed subscribers.

3. No Technical knowledge is required to use Twitter. Just open an account and start tweeting.

4. 140 character limitation makes Twitter free from abusing abbreviations and grammar.

5. Twitter makes you feel like you are a part of something greater than yourself. You never have to feel alone again.

6. Twitter keeps you in contact with all of your ‘friends’ no matter where you are. When you are mobile and on-the-go it’s like a free conference text-messaging service in your cell phone. This makes this generation ‘always-connected’.

7. You feel you are popular, with a lot of Twitter friends. You make a lot of friends as quickly.

8. Twitter is an instant social fan club. It is probably the best place to keep in touch with your favorite celebrities. You can write to them and they might respond. You can almost reach out and touch them.

9. If you follow your favorite a-lister they will probably reciprocate and follow you back.

10. Twitter is a great way to pretend being someone’s friend so you can sell them something later. Backdoor marketing for the new media age.

May you have your own reasons for Twitter’s popularity.


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